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Site Announcements, November 2019

By George, 29th November 2019

Never fear, Codeit version 4.24 is here!

Version 4.24 brings with it some big new features. If you're a regular user of Codeit's Bulk Task Creation wizard you may appreciate the newly built-on autogenerate codeframe feature, which allows you to generate codes in a codeframe you've created in the Bulk Task Creation process.

If you make use of our growing list of integrations, Codeit now allows you to specify exactly what you want to sync using the brand new Sync Data dialog.

Additionally, a new export option is featured in the Export Wizard which allows you to export data visualised in a word cloud format for quick and easy reading.

Along with these new features are some bug fixes and quality of life changes.

More details can be found here

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