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Site Announcements, August 2019

By George, 09th August 2019

Codeit 4.14 has landed! Here are the new, need-to-know details:

You can now specify the order in which variables displayed when exported, giving you even more control over the export process. What's more: variables will now always export in the order in which they were imported/created, provided the order of the variables haven't been modified since import.

Now for those who wonder where the column names of looped data iterations go on import, wonder no more! Codeit will now always export columns just the same way as they were imported with the correct column names.

In addition to all of this export and looped data goodness, codeframe frequency reports can now provide additional frequency information on looped data iterations via the handy new 'Expand Iterations' option. You can find that in the 'Codeframe' section of the Export Wizard.

We've also squashed some pesky bugs in this release, such as the dragging of codeframe nets to re-order them, some fixes to parent/sub-company administration roles and a fix to Verify mode which affects the Load Data dialog.

More details can be found here

We hope that these new features and fixes will enhance your experience using Codeit and as always, happy coding.

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