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Site Announcements, January 2020

By George, 17th January 2019

Codeit version 5.0 has landed and it comes in peace, while bearing new features 👾

The first of these changes is a big new update to the Theme Explorer, which is now in Beta stage. You can find the Theme Explorer in the 'Start Coding' dialog as a coding mode. The Theme Explorer allows you to easily explore themes in your data in a more visual and interactive way. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on how to enable and use the Theme Explorer. More details on the Theme Explorer can be found here

Codeframes can now (finally!) be deleted if they are no longer in use, so you can now do some spring cleaning if you have any old codeframes still sticking around. 🧹 In relation to codeframes, you can now export records and codeframes with the option to exclude temporary codes.

The Data Links wizard has also received a bunch of new features in the way of setting source variable languages, setting the display relativity of context variables and the deletion of variable mappings; all features implemented to help you spend less time fiddling around outside the wizard and more time getting the work done.

As always, we hope the changes in this version helps you to be more productive while using Codeit.

More details can be found here

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