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By Tim, 06th July 2021

Believe it or not, summer is here and so too is Codeit version 6.5.12! ☀️🏖️

While the sun has been shining (or not!), we have been busy adding features and improvements to Codeit.
For example, we've added an option to "Pin" your active projects to the project dashboard for convenient access.

We've made things a bit more consistent, by making our unique Codeframe Share/Copy/Import mechanism available directly in the "Start Coding" dialog (and the data link wizard).

We've added an option to qualify record Id by language, so different records in different languages can share the same Id values.
You can also import data from Excel workbooks where data is split into separate tasks per worksheet.

So, grab some strawberries and cream, Rob is walking onto Centre Court now...🍓🎾