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Site Announcements, June 2020

By George, 29th June 2020

The key 🔑 to more efficient coding? It's Codeit version 5.10 of course!

Most of the changes in Codeit version 5.10 revolve around the Theme Explorer. One of these changes are the process of setting up the Theme Explorer on a task that does not yet have it enabled. If you now try to access the Theme Explorer on a task for which it isn't enabled, you have the option to run it right there quickly and easily. ✨

Another neat new feature added to the TE is the undo feature. Yes, the changes you make in a session need no longer be permanent; should you wish to return to a previous state, simply click on the undo button to go as far back ⏪ as you wish for that session. Actions currently supported are renaming and merging themes, with more coming soon.

Block coding isn't left out of the fun; translations will now be included in block coding reports (if they exist and have been set to visible). Verify reports will also include translations in a coming release.

As always, this version also contains the not-so-visible changes and fixes we make as part of our ongoing mission to improve Codeit and its features, and we hope the changes in this version help you to be more productive while using Codeit.

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