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Site Announcements, June 2020

By George, 29th June 2020

Codeit version 5.9 is in the building 🏢

In comparison to the previous version 5.8 of Codeit, this release doesn't contain as many bombshell 💥 features as such BUT that's not to say we haven't been hard at work tuning things up here and there 🔧

For example, for those of you interested in Codeit's Theme Explorer, you may notice some slight UI changes. These changes are part of our ongoing plan to 'spruce up' the Theme Explorer so keep a look out for further changes along the way. We've also included some early exporting options for charts and examples.

The Import Wizard receives a minor new change as well; while importing into an existing wave, you'll see a new dropdown which provides overwrite options for that wave.

Those are some of the more visible changes in this version. As always, this version also contains the not-so-visible changes and fixes we make as part of our ongoing mission to improve Codeit and its features, and we hope the changes in this version help you to be more productive while using Codeit.

Be sure to give Rob and elbow-bump on the way in!