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Site Announcements, April 2020

By George, 07th May 2020

Choo choo! All aboard the Codeit version 5.7.1 express! 🚂

Version 5.7.1 focuses on smaller changes to the system; the first of these new changes is a Show coded as net filter in Block/Verify modes which lets you see all verbatims coded as items within a net, including any subnets.

Also within the coding modes, you'll find a new counter which keeps track of coded workloads, along with the usual percentage value and a new refresh filters option should you wish to update the verbatims you see if the filter conditions have changed.

Wordclouds are now exported with a respondent count displayed, and will be different per wordcloud if you choose to break down results by context variables.

This version contains the usual changes and fixes as part of our ongoing mission to improve Codeit and its features. As always, we hope that these changes will help you to be more productive while using Codeit.

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